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Regency Greenfire GF900C Gas Fireplace


Basic Combined Price Starts From $6927.00 
*Additional cost for facia and flue

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The Regency Greenfire™ GF900C is a contemporary, unrestricted, TV friendly fireplace. This unit features seamless design and beautiful wide-angle flames set on a full bed of shimmering crystals. Efficient, clean-burning zone heating has never been more stylish!
TV or Artwork Friendly Fireplace
Hang your TV or Artwork above the fireplace as low as 191mm**. With lower clearances for TV and artwork than ever before you can create a central focal point in your room and enjoy the flames dancing as you watch your favorite show!
Choose a Finishing Material
Flexibility in installation options with less restrictions allows this unit to be finished with combustible finishing options. Create the look you desire!

Wide decorative landscape fire with crystals and hand-picked Peruvian volcanic stones
Reflective black enamel rear & side inserts
Ceramic glass with high quality dress guard
Powerful 3-speed fan
RF (Radio Frequency) remote control – with timer & thermostat function
Direct vent room sealed technology
Electronic ignition
Horizontal or vertical flue option
Operates on natural gas or propane

*Star rating depends on gas type and flue configuration
**Heat deflector (mantel) must overhang front of TV by 51mm, Refer to installation manual for full instructions