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What size BBQ is suitable for me? 

BBQs come in all ranges and sizes and sometimes it is difficult to figure out which one will be best for you. Majority of the time buying a BBQ comes after throwing an old one away so you will have some idea of what features you will like again and what you would prefer to have this time around. The area you have designed at home for the BBQ will also become a factor and can narrow down your search. For example; if you have a large area for BBQing but need to roll it elsewhere for storage when you aren’t using it you may opt for a smaller BBQ that is still adequate for all your cooking needs but will also fit comfortably in the area you have for storing it.

With different features such as side burner, rotisserie, roasting hood you can narrow down your search by knowing which options you would and wouldn’t use.

Majority of the questions we get asked from new buyers is :-

  • I want something that has good warranty and will last.
  • What can I do a good roast in?
  • Do I need to replace parts frequently?
  • How frequently do I need to clean it?

These sorts of questions we can help you with in store or request some help online.

We carry all types of BBQs that are just right for you!

Portable, on a cart or Built in, which one?

These three options will depend upon your property as well as your lifestyle. There are some BBQs which have the option of a cart but can also be portable so if you are a traveler and wish to use your BBQ whilst your away this will be the option to go for. If you have a wonderful outdoor kitchen area for a built in, kits and dimensions for your setup are available to utilise the area you have. Majority of BBQs will have a fixed cart and that may be the option for you. We have all the options for your BBQing needs.

Why would I buy a BBQ with a hood? 

A hood can provide you with some excellent flavour and a larger range of uses for the BBQ. If you are a frequent roaster the hood on a BBQ will allow you to do all your roasting outside and leave the inside of your home smelling beautiful. Some BBQs including Weber will require you to always have the hood closed and this can mean faster, healthier cooking. We provide Weber cooking classes at certain times throughout the year, this class can help you perfect your roasting technique and increase your BBQ usage.

What types of warranty is available? 

Manufacturers warranty vary with each brand and BBQ size. The brands of BBQ’s we carry are made from high quality products, some of which are made in America. The materials of their bodies are made of high strength quality and can with stand our climate. In store, we can provide information about individual warranty periods for products.

What gas types do they come in? 

Majority of the BBQ’s we supply can either be Bottle gas (LPG) or Natural Gas (NG). It is a question that is always asked when purchasing a BBQ as some manufacturers will produce the product already in Natural Gas and you can walk straight out the door with it, while others produce only Bottle Gas BBQs and have conversion kits available for plumbers to convert. Natural Gas conversion kits need to be supplied from the manufacturer themselves as converting BBQs yourself can be very dangerous, if fitted incorrectly it can cause problems with the product later on. We have a large range of BBQs for both gas type needs.

If you need to have the BBQ converted to Natural Gas we do have trusty plumbers who can do the difficult process for you!

Gas or charcoal, can I have both? 

Using gas and charcoal at once can be very dangerous. Majority of manufacturers will not have the option for both and advise against using both fuel types at once.

Using Natural Gas (NG) or Bottle Gas (LPG) gas is very convenient and allows you to cook almost immediately. It is also accurate to gauge your cooking time as the burner will always produce the right amount of heat to where you set it.

Charcoal preparation time and heating time is more extensive than gas cooking but in terms of flavour, there is no beating the charcoal taste using heat beads and hickory wood. Cleaning is also quite a bit more messy, so it depends how prepared you are for which type is more suited to you.

Do they come assembled? 

Of the larger BBQs most of them will require assembly, while some manufacturers include this into their price other BBQs that require assembly to can be organised through the store. Assembly of the BBQs may be limited in some regional areas, this can be checked upon request. Instruction manuals come standard with your purchase and we can help with any assembly questions that needs to be asked, even if it is just a trolley!

Do they all come with a rotisserie and side burner? 

Side burners come on most BBQs nowadays as they don’t take up any extra room and can provide you with some convenient outdoor cooking whilst you’re already using the BBQ. Rotisseries only come on your larger BBQs while the majority of BBQs have the ability to add a rotisserie at a later time.

Portable BBQs do not have either option as they are not always supported by a trolley for stability and have a different shaped hood for roasting which does not allow a rotisserie to be supported.

How can I clean the BBQ without damaging my BBQ? 

Cleaning a BBQ has been perceived as a very tricky thing, but in fact it is almost effortless if you do a quick clean after every use.

Burning off the BBQ after each cooking session should remove majority of grease and food build up. Once you have removed all your food, close your hood and turn your burners up and whilst you’re eating let the heat melt your excess waste straight into your grease tray. This should be done for 10-15 minutes depending on how much you have built up. This technique should be done from the moment you first use the BBQ. In terms of already greased up BBQs grills you should remove them and use a degreasing product to lift your excess waste off. Leaving them to soak should remove anything that needs to come off. The frequency of when you do this process will depend on how much you use your BBQ and the types of marinades that you may use frequently.

There are tools like the stainless steel grill brush that are very effective when used after you burn off your excess waste. They can really lift the grease off and make your cooking grill look close to new.

What size is right for my home? 

Portable heaters come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. The most accurate way for you to check the size that is suitable for your home is to measure the room you wish to heat by square metres. This measurement should be of the open planned area and take into account which heat loss factors come into place in your home. Questions to ask yourself are; Do you have high ceilings beyond normal height? Do you have lots of windows? Do you have carpet, tiles or floor boards? Is your home on a concrete slab, or built up above the ground? Do you have insulation in the walls and the roof?

Please refer to manufacturers guidelines for correct square metre to room size measurements.

Also colour option may come in to play also!

What does flued and unflued mean? 

Portable heaters are unflued. Their gas output is lower than what is required for a flued product.

A flue is a pipe connected to the heater that removes the emissions that burning gas creates. This pipe is installed by a licensed gas plumber and is positioned to the outside of the home. Flued heaters have a high gas output that require them to be mandatory with this pipe. There is no way to make a flued heater function without the flue being correctly installed to outside.

I have Natural gas (NG), can I convert my current Bottle Gas (LPG) BBQ to Natural gas? 

The brand of the BBQ will depend upon whether you are able to convert it to natural gas. Manufacturers in Australia have different methods of how conversions are done. A conversion should be performed by a licenced gas plumber, one who is experienced in gas appliances. Simply enquire with us with your BBQ information and we can provide you with either a kit for your plumber to install or we can also suggest a professional plumber to do the tricky work for you based on your location.

Can the heater burn my floor? 

Portable heaters can sit directly on the ground regardless of material on your floor. The manufacturers suggest they sit directly on the ground to alleviate the risk of them being knocked over or damaged.

If you are concerned in the case of floor boards, you can put a mat in front of the heater to avoid the heat drying out your floor boards. A mat could also help reduce the fan noise in some heaters.

What is the difference between Bottle Gas (LPG) gas and Natural gas (NG) heaters? 

The difference between the heaters being Bottle Gas (LPG) or Natural Gas (NG) is the gas type they are compatible with. An LPG heater will not work if you have NG on your property. A NG heater will not work if you have LPG on your property. It is mandatory to check the heater you purchase is the right gas type for your home. They can be converted to the right gas type if you move to the other gas type at a later date.

Do they need to be flued? 

All gas fireplaces are required to be flued, this is because the gas rating of the heater is higher than what is legally specified by NSW law for room heating. This law is in place to avoid gas emissions being too high inside a room.

Different heaters can be flued in different directions, this option can be explored if you do not have an existing fireplace and are starting from scratch.

Our installers are very experienced in installing flued fireplaces, any further questions can be directed to our email address or in the store.

What is the difference between radiant and convection heaters? 

Radiant heaters have tiles that are exposed and burn with an orange colour. This type of heat is more effect at close proximity to you. Most radiant heaters are also convection style, which means that they have a fan in them that helps push the heat around the room.

Convection heaters are purely fan forced. There is no exposed tile that radiates heat; they are more commonly a room warmer. The fan is strong to allow the heat to be blown around the entire room.

I don’t have Natural Gas (NG) in my street, where do I go from here? 

If you don’t have Natural gas (NG) in the street Bottle gas (LPG) tanks are an option you can go with. The tanks sit outside the property and are properly plumbed into the house with copper pipe and allow you to run your heater from your lounge room. There are guidelines as to where and how can install these tanks, in store we can organise site checks to make sure you can have this option.

Do I need certain measurements in my wall to fit a log fire? 

All gas log fires have different measurements at the front and back of the heater. These specifications vary so much with each unit that measurements are required to see what will work best for you. If you have an existing fireplace that you would like to install a gas fireplace into, we will need to know height, width and depth. Also materials of the wall and the current condition of the chimney are needed to suggest the correct model for you. This information can be brought into the store and help will be provided for you.

What gas type are they available in? 

Almost every heater is available in either gas type. More typically the manufacturer will provide the heater in NG, if you only have LPG a kit can be ordered at the time of purchase and a conversion on the heater will be done for you at the time of installation.

Where is the best place to locate the heater in my home? 

A gas heater is best placed in a position where the air flow from the heater is not obstructed by any furniture or walls. It should be directed to the larger part of the room, as this will allow maximum heat throughout the area of the home. It may also be wise to position it close to where you may spend majority of your time to gain access the strongest intensity of the heat. It should not be directed in close proximity to furniture especially leather as it may be drying to different types of materials.

Is there somewhere I can see these heaters working? 

Our showroom in Miranda has a large selection of gas fireplaces on display. The sales team are very informed on each model and can answer any design questions you may have.

I don’t have a chimney, so what are my options? 

You can still have a gas fireplace even if you don’t have a chimney. Depending on where the fireplace will be located in your home, you can install a fake wall to create a cavity for the fireplace or you can have the heater flush against our external wall and have the heater engine on the outside of the home.

Another option is a free standing unit, this can them we installed anywhere on the property as long as the flueing is accessible. 

How do I go about ordering and installing a unit like this? 

We are a team of professionals who can help you from start to finish. From checking your property (if you are located in our region) to see if the heater you choose is adequate, to installing the unit to the manufacturers satisfactory. You can not purchase any gas log fires online, as there are so many options for the log fire we wouldn’t want you to miss out on any special features. Please see us in the store to make bookings for quotations. Our details are listed in the contact us section of the website.

Are they safe to touch? 

The gas log fires are very hot to touch, they create an extreme amount of heat to warm your whole house. They are all installed with a safety screen to minimise injury if the circumstance arises. There are products available which can be fitted in your property to completely corner off the heater from little hands.

Can I change the inside or move the logs/pebbles around? 

Majority of the time the inside can not be changed, it has to be the way you see it. Some models are interchangeable, or have both options and in that instance you can move things around the way you like it. It will depend upon the model you choose. Our sales team can help you with whichever look you are going for.

What is ethanol? 

Ethanol is a fuel used to burn inside heaters to create a lasting flame. Most ethanol heaters have a cartridge inside that you need to refill at certain times depending on how frequently you use them. You can purchase ethanol containers from numerous locations.

How safe is an ethanol fire? 

Ethanol fireplaces are safe as long as the products guidelines are followed. If they are installed or assembled incorrectly problems may occur. Be cautious about the location of where the fireplace is located in your home, keep curtains and flammables away from the open flame and out of reach of small children. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about the best place to locate them and their recommended safety advice.

How long will it last? 

The length of time that it will last will depend upon the size of the burner in the unit and how frequently you will burn the fuel. Each unit will have a different burner size, the size will be described in the product description of the unit.

What is the heating area? 

The heating area will depend upon the size of the burner in the unit. The dimensions will be located in the product description of the unit.

Can I have any item delivered? 

As we are a premium Weber dealer all of our specialist models are unable to be sold online. For these popular products you will need to see us at either our showroom location or our warehouse. If you are not in our local area please click on the link to see which specialist Weber dealer is closest to you!

In regards to our gas flued fires these also must be sold in store only. As there are very strict guidelines for their installation and so many options on added accessories ie; remote control, fascia’s it is for your benefit that you have consultation before purchasing these fireplaces.

What is the delivery time frame? 

We aim to have products delivered to you between 2-7 working days as long as the product is in stock. This information will be listed in the product information. If you have any enquiries regarding the status of specific products please email us and we will endeavour to get back to you within 1-2 days.

Can I use oven cleaner on the BBQ? 

It is recommended not to use oven cleaner on your BBQ. There are BBQ cleaning products available that are not as harsh and are designed for the materials that the BBQ consists of. It will help with the longegevitiy of the BBQ and keep your cooking grill looking and body looking new.

Do I need council approval for a wood fire? 

Depending upon the state/territory you live in council regulations will vary and it is always best to check with your local council on what rules to follow.

What is a hearth and do I need one? 

A hearth is a piece of non combustible material designed to sit between the wood fireplace and your floor to protect the combustible materials. If you have carpet of wooden floors is it a requirement to have a hearth installed. A hearth will also create an aesthetic appeal to the fireplace.

What areas do we deliver to? 

We deliver to majority of mainland Australia, small items will be delivered through

What if I have entered the wrong delivery address? 

If you have used the wrong delivery address on your order or simply wish to change it please contact us immediately for us to make the changes for you. Once your order has begun the processing stage you will receive an email and that will confirm the address details that have been entered.

Are portable heaters more energy efficient than electric heaters? 

If you have gas available at your home a gas heater will be more efficient in heating a large area than an electric heater can. The amount of energy used by an electric heater to heat a lounge room for example is much greater than what a gas heater can heat. For a small area like a bedroom an electric heater is efficient as the overall area is equivelant to the heating size of an electric heater.

What size area will the wood heater do? 

Wood heater will burn differently depending on the type of wood used and the quality. Each wood heater has a different capacity and that will depend upon its burn time as well. Something to look out for.

What type of payment do we accept? 

We accept payment by direct debit. You must wait for money clearance into bank account for goods to be delivered, this may take up to 3 days.

We also accept PayPal payments, there is no clearance waiting time for PayPal payments.

If you would like to pick up goods from the store we accept cash and credit card on pick up. We do not offer finance or lay-by through our online store but you may like to come into the store or call us and we can discuss our instore options.

My payment isn’t being accepted 

If you are paying through PayPal please check your PayPal account to make sure funds are available.

If you are having an issue with direct debit please contact the store and we will be in touch with you within 1-2 working days.